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Attacks, cyber threats and social engineering techniques are evolving rapidly. We live in an age where criminal organizations speculate on stolen data, spy citizens and companies. Therefore, cyber ​​security techniques must progress to allow companies to better protect their systems. In doing so, they can be compliant with recent regulations on the protection of personal data.

Every day we test innovative and advanced techniques to protect Sapienza’s IT systems. We try to anticipate and prevent latest generation attacks. Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System are essential for rejecting known attacks. However, they are no longer sufficient to completely defend systems from massive and advanced attacks.

For that reason, we created some blacklists made up of thousands of malicious IPs. They are automatically updated thanks to our continuous analysis of “anomalies” from the Internet. Our blacklists contain mostly IPs not detected by other organizations. So, Sapienza’s blacklists are a valid addition to the lists published in TLP: WHITE, such as FireHOL or Talos.

Sapienza Blacklist

Please contact me if you’d like to use them. You can also integrate our blacklists with Check Point technologies freely available scripts published in other two posts: script_v1 and script_v2.

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