Cyber Security Professional Services

Cyber Security Professional Services

Cyber Security Professional Services

Would you like to have cyber security professional services for your company? Are you victim of cyber attacks and do you need to understand what’s really happening? Or are you totally new on cyber security world and need some guideless and best practices to follow? Then, contact me for a professional service and I’ll do my best to help you in analyzing and solving your issue. Thanks to my experience, I can efficiently work on security projects related to the following fields:

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence: data and information about you and your company contained in Dark Web and Deep Web.
  • Security Scoring and Risk Management: this kind of service can help you to understand what’s your company’s risk and security score.
  • Automatic IP blacklist generated by massive scan e DDoS attacks.
  • Cyber Incident Management: analysis of cyber attacks and incidents towards your company in order to take advanced countermeasures.
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing: test the strenght and resilience of your IT infrastructure and web applications.
  • Phishing Simulation and Social Engineering: the weakest link in a cyber attack is the human factor. So, let’s test your employees’ abilities to resist a phishing simulation.
  • Security solutions optimization: discover all advanced potentialities of your security solutions (Firewall, IPS, Anti-Bot, and so on).

What’s the reason you should choose my services?

Yes, I know… You’re probably wondering why you should choose my professional services rather then other companies. Well, honestly, there’s no valid reason. Some companies offer high-level professional services… But, you can’t never know which person will help you in solving your issue. Is that person a really expert? Of course, you must trust company.

Instead, here, you are sure that Francesco Ficarola works on your issue. I’m an Engineer in Computer Science with a Ph.D., a lot of experience and security certifications. At present, I’m a Cyber Security Officer at Sapienza University of Rome, so you have the guarantee of a professional with real high-level competences working at an Italian Public Administration.

Another point to take into account is continuity. People often change companies and in most cases professional services you buy are followed by several people. Working with me, you are sure that all services and projects are followed by me, forever.

In conclusion, I don’t need a desk or a office room in your company, all services will efficaciously provided remotely. In this era, I deeply believe in smart working since I work on purposes, not time on a chair.

If interested, please contact me using the web site form.